The ADAM (Action against Domestic Abuse for Men) Project supports male victims of domestic abuse in Leicestershire.

 What is domestic abuse?

Domestic abuse includes a range of behaviours:   it   can   be  physical, psychological, sexual or financial abuse. It  can  take  place  within an intimate  relationship and  forms  a  pattern  of  bullying  and  controlling behaviour.

If you are forced to alter your behaviour because you are frightened of your partner's reaction, it is likely you are  being abused.

It is rarely a one-off event. Physical and sexual abuse tends to get more severe and happen more often over time.

Can men be victims of domestic abuse?

Yes. Anyone can experience domestic abuse  -  it can happen in all kinds of relationships, regardless of age, race, sex,   sexuality,  disability,  wealth, gender  identity,  HIV   status   and  lifestyle.

Who can be an abuser?

The   abuser    can   be   a   partner, ex-partner, family member, carer or friend.

Who can use this service?

Any man living in Leicestershire who is experiencing, or is at risk from, domestic abuse.

Do you support male victims in same sex relationships?

Yes. We will provide support and advocacy to you regardless of whether you’re  straight, gay, bisexual or transgender.

How can I contact the ADAM Project?

You can phone, email or write to us. You can ask someone to do it for you if you prefer, like a friend or another support agency.


We understand that it can be difficult for men to ask for support as they may feel ashamed or embarrassed or are worried that they won’t be believed.

Domestic abuse against men is more common than you might think.  You’re not alone and you shouldn’t have to suffer in silence. 


Abusive behaviour is

NEVER acceptable!



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